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BA - English as a major

如果你对人类的历史和创造性活动以及这些活动如何塑造社会和十大靠谱买球平台排名的未来着迷, then a Bachelor of Arts (BA) is for you. Our graduates are in demand for their flexible skills, 他们对自己的角色有实际的见解和深刻的理解.

正规买球app首页的英语让你为雇主所需要的做好准备——训练有素的思维和理解问题的能力,并创造性地用语言解决问题. 你会培养对重要文学作品的欣赏和对英语语言的热爱.

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Key information

Years: 3
Points: 360
Start Dates: Trimester A (March) and Trimester B (July)
Estimated Fees* (Domestic): $6,415 - $7,404 per year
Estimated Fees* (International): $27,210 - $35,420 per year
Entry Requirements: Undergraduate International
Area of Study:
*Tuition fees shown are indicative only and may change. 还有与报名有关的额外费用和收费,请参阅 Table of Fees and Charges for more information. 您将收到一份确认费用的入学协议.

Career opportunities

  • Creative Writer
  • Editor
  • Freelance Writer
  • Journalist
  • Librarian
  • Marketing Executive
  • Public Relations Executive

Degree Planner

Degree planner — BA in English

For a list of papers for level 200 and level 300 study options, please see the degree planner footnotes.

Year 1

One from List A

Field of the Degree
100 level

Field of the Degree
100 level



Year 2

Any 200 level
ENGLI or WRITE paper

Any 200 level
ENGLI or WRITE paper

Any 200 level
ENGLI or WRITE paper

One from List B

Field of the Degree
200 level




Year 3

Any 300 level
ENGLI paper

Any 300 level
ENGLI paper

Any 300 level
ENGLI paper

Any 300 level
ENGLI paper or WRITE300

One from List C




  • Major
  • Compulsory
  • Elective

English is about language, history and culture. It is about art and aesthetics, meaning and value. At the University of 正规买球app首页, 论文取材自中世纪以来的英语文献, and from all major English-speaking cultures, especially from the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, the Pacific and New Zealand. English is the home of the University's programme in Writing Studies.

English is available as a first major for the Bachelor of Arts (BA). 英语也可以作为第二专业或辅修其他本科学位, 须经该学生就读的学部批准.

To complete English as a single major for the BA, students must gain 135 points in papers listed for English, 200级至少45点,300级至少60点. At least 105 points must be gained from ENGLI-coded papers.

完成英语作为学士学位和其他本科学位的双学位的一部分, students must gain 120 points including 90 points above 100 level.

To complete a minor in English, 学生必须完成英语专业列出的60分的论文, including at least 30 points above 100 level.


100 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
ENGLI100Telling the Story15.023A (Hamilton)
本文探讨了英国文学传统和更广泛的西方经典的核心深层故事, using picturebooks, fairytales, popular film, detective fiction and short stories.
ENGLI101Adapting Stories15.023B (Hamilton)
This paper explores the art of adaptation, 检视当创意艺术家以新的方式和新媒体重新想象和复述故事时所发生的转变过程.

200 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
ENGLI200Global Fictions15.023A (Hamilton)
This paper examines literary responses to the contemporary world. 十大靠谱买球平台排名将学习与性别相关的国际写作, race, technology, terrorism, and climate change.
ENGLI201Utopias and Dystopias15.023A (Hamilton)
ENGLI202Shakespeare's Worlds15.023C (Hamilton)
本文探讨了莎翁戏剧和文学作品中的世界, 把他的戏剧和诗歌放在许多文艺复兴艺术家的动态文化作品的背景下研究.
PACIS201Pacific Texts15.023A (Hamilton)
本文探讨了太平洋地区的各种文字、电影、媒体和网络文本. The main focus is on contemporary texts; these will be contextualised by an examination of traditional Pacific textual forms and the histories of textual production in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
WRITE201Food Writing15.023B (Hamilton)
This paper uses writing about food, including recipes, memoirs, restaurant reviews and researched food writing, 作为主要材料的学习经验与应用写作集中.
WRITE202Creative Writing: Voice and Image15.023B (Hamilton)
WRITE203Creative Writing: Inspiring Work15.023G (Hamilton)
This intensive, workshop-based paper, taught by award-winning novelist Catherine Chidgey, 考察灵感的概念,因为它适用于创造性写作. 学生将考虑艺术灵感的历史理论以及实践作家的方法. Thematic lectures around the central topic will address rit...
WRITE205Writing for the Screen15.023A (Hamilton)
这篇论文探讨了屏幕写作的基本概念,并在研讨会期间开发这些概念的应用的实用技能. The paper is organised around four main topic areas: world-making, characters, structures, and scenes/sequences. Students will produce a portfolio of writing, including pro...

300 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
ENGLI300Theory Matters15.023B (Hamilton)
本文通过一系列的文学理论来阅读原始文学文本, for example, historicist approaches, deconstruction/post-structuralism, gender studies, psychoanalysis, and theories of narrative and representation.
ENGLI301Genre Studies: Challenging Forms15.023A (Hamilton)
本文对悲剧等特定的文学形式进行了深入的研究, poetry, travel writing, autobiography, and crime writing. The focus will vary from year to year.
ENGLI303Looking Back: Reading Now15.023B (Hamilton)
WRITE300Creative Writing: Creative Non-fiction15.023A (Hamilton)
本课程探讨创造性非虚构写作的关键要素, engaging with a variety of non-fiction texts including memoir, biography, the personal/lyric essay, and auto/biographical meta-fiction.

500 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
ALPSS590Directed Study30.023X (Hamilton)
This paper allows students from the Division of Arts, Law, 心理学和社会科学专业,在学术人员的指导下从事与专业相关的特定课题的研究.
ENGLI509The Literature of Trauma30.023B (Hamilton)
This paper explores the relationship between memory, suffering and writing in the literature of war, the Holocaust, physical trauma and mental illness.
ENGLI531Literature and Medicine30.023A (Hamilton)
This paper explores literature's engagement with the body and mind, 描绘出从19世纪50年代至今艺术对医学进步的反应. We will study public and literary reactions to such things as germs, vaccinations, nervous disorders, cancer, and tuberculosis.
ENGLI591Dissertation30.023A (Hamilton) & 23B (Hamilton)
A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
ENGLI592Dissertation60.023X (Hamilton)
A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
ENGLI593English Thesis90.023X (Hamilton)
ENGLI594English Thesis120.023X (Hamilton)
WRITE501Writing for Publication30.023A (Hamilton)
This paper explores different forms of published output, including poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, writing for advertising, digital and print media, and essays/features. WRITE501 addresses research, drafting, editing and proof-reading, and issues such as privacy, defamation and informed consent.
WRITE546Creative Writing: Writing and Embodiment30.023A (Hamilton)
一篇注重写作的论文,重点阐述了“化身”在生成重要字符方面的关键, shaping dramatic narratives, 并制造出能引起共鸣的句子,意识到语言的感官冲击.

800 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
ENGLI800English MPhil Thesis120.023X (Hamilton)
No description available.

900 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
ENGLI900English PhD Thesis120.023I (Hamilton), 23J (Hamilton), 23K (Hamilton) & 23X (Hamilton)
No description available.

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