Professor Karin R Bryan

Karin Bryan

Dean Te Mata Kairangi School of Graduate Research

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Toronto, PhD Dalhousie

Research Supervised


  • Joshua Sargent (in progress). Effect of anthropogenic modifications on flooding in the Firth of Thames.
  • Leana Barriball (in progress). The effect of sea level rise on Inanga (Galaxias maculatus) in the Hawkes Bay.
  • Zhanchao Shao (in progress). Estuarine water quality from remote sensing.
  • Ted Conroy (in progress). Sediment and hydrodynamics of the Hawke's Bay.
  • Wagner Costa (in progress). Storm surges in enclosed basins.
  • Amin Rahradian (in progress). Landscape control on physical services of coastal mangroves.
  • John Montgomery (2021). Storm surges in Tauranga Harbour.
  • Hieu Nguyen (2021). The stability of intertidal sediments.
  • Stewart, Benjamin (2021). Investigating groundwater derived dissolved inorganic nitrogen fluxes with Tauranga Harbour.
  • Atkin, Ed (in progress). The influence of sediment dynamics around an ebb tidal delta on the quality of surfing waves.
  • Walker, Justin (in progress). Decadal teleconnection controls on marine spit evolution and inlet morphodynamics in North Island, New Zealand.
  • Coppede Cussioli, Mariana (2018). Turbidity variations in and around the Port of Tauranga.
  • Godoi, Victor (2018). The relationship between wave climate, storm wave events and atmospheric oscillation modes around New Zealand.
  • Hunt, Stephen (2016). The control of wind and waves on sediment transport and the long-term morphological development of estuaries.
  • Port, Alexander (2016). Estuary-shelf nutrient exchange controls on interannual patterns in estuarine Ulva dynamics.
  • Emani, Amir (2016). Seepage line influence on the beach face volume at Murawai Beach.
  • Harrison, Shawn (2015). Morphodynamics of Ebb-tidal Deltas.
  • Kyle Spiers (2013). Investigation of access channel sedimentation processes and the impact of capital dredging on harbour circulation patterns.
  • Flaim, Bryna (2012). Sediment dispersion at the New Auckland Marine Disposal Ground, Northeast New Zealand.
  • Guedes, Rafael (2012). Effects of surfzone wave transformation on swash dynamics.
  • Tay, Hui Woon (2011). Nutrient dynamics in shallow tidally-dominated estuaries.
  • van Maanen, Barend (2011). Modelling the long-term morphological evolution of tidal embayments.


  • Ariana Moffatt (2020), Reconstructing past hydrodynamics of Tauranga Harbour.
  • Celeste Davies-Calway (2020) Dune toe variations on Coromandel Beaches.
  • Zhanchao Shao (2020), Developing estuarine health indicators with Sentinel-2 imagery
  • Rajasain Edralin (2019). Mapping mangrove patterns with Landsat imagery.
  • Michael Tyler(2018).
  • Jaime Davies-Campbell (2018). Surf-breaks at Aramoana.
  • Rebekah Haughey (2016). Modelling the long term evolution of mangrove intertidal flats in the Firth of Thames.
  • Berengere Dejeans (2016).  Hypsometry of New Zealand estuaries.
  • Christopher Morcom (2013). Nitrogen yields into the Tauranga Harbour based on sub-catchment land use.
  • Renee Foster (2012). Shoreline variation and beach rotation of Pauanui Beach.
  • Wood, Andrew (2010). Episodic, seasonal and long term morphological changes in Coromandel beaches.
  • Eyre, Tracey (2009). The sediment dynamics of Ahuriri Estuary, Napier, New Zealand.
  • Gallop, Shari (2009). Rip current dynamics on an embayed beach.

Research Interests

I conduct research under 4 themes that are related in their aim of understanding the dynamics of sediments and nutrients in the coastal environments, and how these contribute to controlling state changes in the physical environments. These themes are (1) dynamics of the swash and surfzone; (2) beach morphodynamics; (3) nutrient dynamics in estuaries; (4) tidal inlet and estuarine morphodynamics.

See Google Scholar for a list of my papers.

Recent Publications

  • Nguyen, H. M., Bryan, K. R., Zhou, Z., & Pilditch, C. A. (2022). Modeling the effects of aerial temperature and exposure period on intertidal mudflat profiles. Continental Shelf Research, 245. doi:10.1016/j.csr.2022.104802

  • Carshalton, A. G., Balks, M. R., O'Neill, T. A., Bryan, K. R., & Seybold, C. A. (2022). Climatic influences on active layer depth between 2000 and 2018 in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Ross Sea Region, Antarctica. Geoderma Regional, 29, 9 pages. doi:10.1016/j.geodrs.2022.e00497

  • Montgomery, J. M., Bryan, K. R., & Coco, G. (2022). The role of mangroves in coastal flood protection: The importance of channelization. Continental Shelf Research, 243. doi:10.1016/j.csr.2022.104762

  • Glover, H. E., Stokes, D. J., Ogston, A. S., Bryan, K. R., & Pilditch, C. A. (2022). Decadal‐scale impacts of changing mangrove extent on hydrodynamics and sediment transport in a quiescent, mesotidal estuary. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. doi:10.1002/esp.5317

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Coastal Zone Management; Environment; Environment Issues; Environmental Change; Environmental Science and Technology

Earth Sciences
Coastal Processes